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The website uses cookies for improvement of website content quality, more convenient use and customising of the website to meet user needs. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file, which is sent to your computer or mobile device during visiting the website and is saved on your computer or mobile device, when you open the website. During each subsequent visit of the site, cookies are sent back to the website of origin or any other website, which recognizes this particular cookie.
Accordingly, cookies function as memory of a particular website, enabling this website to remember your computer at subsequent visits; moreover, cookies can remember your settings or improve your user experience. Cookies are not used to identify your person.
Additional information on cookies and how to manage or delete them is available on the website:

Cookies used on the website

Google Analytics
The website uses the program “Google Analytics”, developed by the legal entity “Google Inc.”. This program uses cookies, enabling the website maintainer to analyse, how the website is used.
If you wish the Ministry of Finance not to obtain information about your activities on the website, you have to activate the additional tool Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on ( This add-on will communicate with Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) to indicate, that the information on visiting of the respective website shall not be sent to “Google Analytics”.
Cookie name Purpose of use

__utma Used to identify users and number of visits (“Google Analytics” cookie)
__utmb Used to identify new visits (“Google Analytics” cookie)
__utmc Functions in conjunction with __utmb cookie to identify new visits (“Google Analytics” cookie)
__utmz Used to identify the source, from which the website is visited (“Google Analytics” cookie)
_ga Used to identify the unique users, assigning a randomly generated identifier to each user (“Google Universal Analytics” cookie)
_gid Used to identify the unique users, exists for 24 hours (“Google Universal Analytics” cookie)
Controlling and deletion of cookies

If you want so, you can control or delete cookies. Majority of web browsers can be set in a way, that blocks saving of cookies on the device. However, the user shall note, that separate settings will have to be adjusted each time of visiting the website; moreover, some services and functions of the website may not work after blocking of cookies.
Usually, web browser settings can be changed according to instructions, which are most often found in the section “Help”, “Tools” or “Edit”.
Additional information about cookies, also information about what cookies are installed on your computer and how to manage or delete them, is available on the website: